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Фарфоровые куклы Леля Лоран

Porcelain dolls

Dolls - magical creatures.
They will decorate your house, it will add comfort and warm charm.

>Милые разности Леля Лоран

Sweet difference


Recent work

Good afternoon!

All my adult life I was a doctor, was treating people in the Far North, as a medical expert MSF worked with street children, people affected by armed conflicts, women, wound up with a difficult situation. At some point I realized that I myself became just such a cog in the endless sorrows of human ... and so tired to save others that it was time to escape itself.

One day, back in 2009, I came to the exhibition of dolls and was so fascinated by their subtle beauty that is my first participation in the exhibition was held a year later, when I finished my first doll "Windtalkers". Then I received a prize from the magazine "Puppet Master." It was a very important and timely. I quit my job and started a completely different life, taking up dolls "grown-up". Since then, I have participated in various exhibitions held in Russia and other countries. I have made dolls are in private collections and galleries around the world. Two of my work, "Elise" and "Feechka" included in the book "The most beautiful doll world," doll "Varvara" became the face of the All-Russian exhibition "Doll in the national costume." In my work reflects the theme of women's fate, her expression, her talent, destiny, whether it be a simple country girl with candy rooster or an aristocrat in a ball gown - all my heroines are able to love, to be sensitive, to empathize with and enjoy, they know how to listen and even sometimes give wise counsel.

For me it is crucial to make the dolls only in a good mood, because any creation carries the energy of its creator. Let it be a good and bright. I love the beautiful and intelligent dolls and want them to not only decorate the interior themselves, but also brought with them the intellectual joy.

About me

Леля Лоран - фарфоровые куклы ручной работы, шелковые цветы и др.


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